Dr. Sakira Jackson is one of the most highly regarded business and consulting psychologist in Chicago. She has a Doctorate in Business Psychology and Consulting. In addition, she is the founder and CEO of Brainpower Consulting and the Masters of Business Academy. Dr. Sakira coaches business owners to million dollar transformations using proven techniques for strategic business growth, client attraction, revenue generation, income acceleration and business transformation.


As a champion and teacher of Impossibility and Exceptional Life Mastery she is one of Chicago’s leading motivational and transformational speakers on creating life and business mastery business. 


The programs and services offered by her two companies include million dollar transformations using proven techniques for client attraction, revenue generation, income acceleration and business transformation. As a spiritual scientist and psychologist, she has helped 100s of business owners transform their business, 
lives and their income. their


Over the past 35 years, Dr. Jackson has partnered in the creation of more than 5 businesses; including Ethnic Accents and Nuun Contract Manufacturing which she started in 1993 as the first African American women-owned private labeling company in Illinois. 


In January 2014, she released her 2nd book 12 Steps to Owning Your Own Business which is available on Amazon.com And she will release her next book Believe I’m possible – The Art of Being- practical applications of changein behavior through the understanding limiting beliefs and breaking the Cycle of Perpetual Paradigms in 2015.


Dr. Jackson serves on the board of directors of the Matteson Business Association and is past president of Museum Africa of Chicago. She is a mother 8 children and grandmother of 19 and happily married to Stephen Jackson, CEO of the Man from CADD - a Design Engineering consultancy.

I’m here because I want to help. Years ago I worked a management consultant to struggling businesses, at that time I realized that anyone who wanted own his own business should be able. Unfortunately, many of them weren’t able to create an income for themselves and their families because they didn't have the skills, abilities, values, immutable laws of life, and belief systems that you need to grow a business enterprise.

I knew then that it wasn't just their business that was failing, it was the Small Business CEO or President who was failing because no-one had ever shown them the exact steps they need to take to be successful. That's why I created the Masters of Business Academy to help Entrepreneurs create or recreate the businesses of their dreams. Please don't wait another minute to change things you do to get the result you want in your business.


Masters of Business Academy (or MoBA) is a member organization that helps chief executives grow their business, build capacity and gain perspective for a competitive advantage. 


Members are placed in revenue aligned, industry-aligned and  growth-specific, non-competing groups facilitated by psycho-dynamic business experts to develop personal and business growth and expansion capabilities and engage in solving problems and applying best practices for business and personal transformation.



TEL: 773-491-1028  | Sakira@drsakira.com

By joining Dr. Sakira's CEO Mastermind List, you’ll get daily access to free exclusive content, powerful Painted Vision examples for you to model, special invites to private Dr. Sakira-hosted CEO events, and much more, to transform your life and business.

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